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Rhode Island State Conservation Committee (RISCC)

The Rhode Island State Conservation Committee has been established within the Department of Environmental Management to serve as an agency of the State and to perform the functions conferred upon it by Chapter 2-4 of the Rhode Island General Laws. These functions include coordination of Conservation District activities with other federal, state and local entities regarding natural resources within the State of Rhode Island. The RI State Conservation Committee continues to provide assistance and support to the three Conservation Districts in their efforts to assist local landowners and municipalities in the proper stewardship of our lands and waters. To this end, the Committee works with state and federal agencies to promote the districts' mission on both the state and national level, while still providing administrative and program support.

The Conservation Districts were established in Rhode Island by State Law in 1944. The function of the Districts is to take available technical, financial, and educational resources and focus or coordinate them so that they meet the needs of the local land user for conservation of soil, water, and related resources. They operate on a premise that local people know the most about local needs. The districts do not regulate or enforce laws.

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RISCC | Rhode Island State Conservation Committee

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